L348 Review

I noticed that a few people were interested in this dress but hesitant because of the stock photos which made it look slightly shiny and just generally questionable. I hope my review is helpful!
I bought two jsks, shipping was from Japan to New Zealand via EMS and took about 4-5 shipping days to reach me. Quick but very expensive - I paid about NZ$50 for just two jsks.

JSK L348 - shirring panels on front and back. Size 2L, black colourway.
Back bodice shirring. The ribbon used is nice - good and sturdy and not shiny or cheap. The lace used around here is beautiful, so so pretty!

Front of bodice (sorry, this pic is particularly awful). The straps have some shirring so it can stretch out and fit super comfortably! I usually have problems with bodices sitting to high under my bust and this jsk sits perfectly. It has the same lace and ribbon as the back bodice and also has some crochet lace beside the embroidered lace, as you can see below.

Front bodice shirring.

Front of dress.

 Three layers of frills are around the bottom, each frill layer has crochet lace on the edge.

Detatchable waist bow and a worn pic! It's really comfortable, I chose the perfect size - I wanted to keep the front shirring all bunched so I got 2L and there is enough room in the back shirring for comfortable movement. The only bad thing about this dress is that it's heavy! All the frills along the bottom weigh down my petti and this is the only dress that has ever done this! Make sure you have a tough petticoat for this jsk.